1. Where do I input my engraving intructions?


Any names or dates for Collar bars, Jewels and Name Badges can be entered at checkout in the comments section, which can be found at the bottom of the check & order section. This is the last part of the checkout.


2. Where do I input my club name?


Please enter your club name in place of "Company" at checkout. 


3. How do I add engraving on the back of my jewel?


Jewels can be engraved with member name and year of office at the back of the wheel. This is in addition to details on the front of the Jewel (as shown on the pictures and is included in the price). 


To include this in your order, please select the engraved option on the item.


4. How do I know what design my club has?


If you are unsure what design your club has, please contact us as if the wrong design is selected, this may delay production.


5. What is the difference between Metal and Silver Gilt?


Metal Gilt Jewels and Collar Bars are made from a base metal that is covered in a gold coloured gilt. 


Silver Gilt Jewels and Collar Bars are made from silver and then covered in a gold coloured gilt. 


Silver Gilt tends to age better as the base metal is a better quality and the engraving tends to be brighter but this can vary.



Please ensure the engraving instructions you provide are correct.


If you require any further help, please email awm@workmail.com or call 01634 853020.


Thank you

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